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John was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, lived the Bavarian life and had the pleasure of enjoying the great flavors of Bavarian food.  After arriving in Columbus OH, John realized the one thing missing was authentic German fresh-baked Buns from his homeland.  As John created ‘belegte Semmeln’ or ‘Bavarian Buns’ for Family and Friends in his kitchen, he was reminded of how much he missed those flavors from home.  John wanted to share this same joy with people in OHIO - ‘freshly made German-style sandwiches using traditional Bavarian Buns!  The ingredients used to make Bavarians Buns have been a staple in Bavaria for hundreds of years.  John has taken the heritage of the past and infused it into today’s quality local products- pairing his sandwiches with many different ingredients that compliment the buns and bring out their flavor.


Bavarian Buns are made fresh to order

and are best eaten immediately!


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